Project Healthbot

Our project aimed to address mental health and well-being in young adults as reflected by the quantity and quality of sleep. Project Health bot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that is connected to a Google Cloud Server. Here, the chatbot receives a user's weekly Fitbit data extracted using a python script. From there, the data would be analyzed and contrasted against what is known as the appropriate amount of sleep for a week. The chatbot would then talk to the user about their week. If the user had less than the recommended amount of sleep, the chatbot would have asked for reasons why and focused on the aspect of stress. The overall point of the FitBitBot was to allow users to understand the importance of sleep (relative to their own sleeping patterns and habits) and to understand the effect of sleep on stress.
With unforseen issues with SNL certificates, this code could not be compiled in time. Yet this project served as valuable learning experience in our new-found interest for cloud computing and web robots.

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