During this COVID-19 pandemic as lot of healthcare efforts have been put towards fighting the pandemic, there was this gap between healthcare industry as hospitals were binge converted into quarantine centers. we noticed that the other treatments were not given importance doctors weren't even considering onsite counselling for regular patients, even if they wanted to due to guidelines issued by Governments. (These situations are based on observations in different cities in India) So we thought every issue should not be ignored some can be cured by just suggesting exercises, medications, diets, etc.. And considered searching solutions for them and came across chat-bots used in different industries & wanted to utilize its features to solve problem at hand.

What it does

CAREE is a chat-bot that converses with patients as well as physicians and assures timely assistance for them making lives simpler and provides them with every knowledge they need to know to make decisions. CAREE can perform a lot of different tasks: example: 1)Daily call or message the patient and ask about their issues after surgery. 2)Remind patients to follow their diets and ask for feedback so the physician can improve their diet specific to their needs. 3)Constant feedback loop for the betterment of patients.

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