Millions of people around the world are looking for a cost effective way to monitor their muscle health either for fitness reasons or for more serious health concerns. Over the past two days we created a Myo Armband integrated Android application called HealthAware that was able to do just that.

HealthAware tracks accelerometer and EMG data from the Myo Armband to provide a detailed and quantitative analysis of muscle activity. Using highly sophisticated algorithms and data analytics, we devised a novel HA Fitness Function to better track muscle activity and diagnose possible neuromuscular disorders, in addition to being used for general fitness purposes. This is invaluable and never before seen information that is revolutionary to two major parties:

1) Fitness Enthusiasts: Through an interactive fitness training regiment, you are able to monitor your muscle health data to get a custom health report and track activity over a long time period. Personalized to your body, we are able to provide highly precise measurements in a novel way.

2) Health Professionals: Using current medical research, we designed a revolutionary HA Fitness Function to give a quantitative representation. Furthermore, we were able to use EMG data to graph neuromuscular data and specific muscle group information. This is invaluable information in the diagnosis of certain muscular diseases.

Our project was written in Java (Android), C/C++ and used the Myo Armband SDK. We utilized the unique accelerometer and gyroscopic information of the armband, as well as hacked the EMG data collected by the Myo Armband. We also conducted rigorous data and physics analysis to ensure the best and precise results.

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