We realized how complicated and messed up the healthcare system is when one of our friends got into an accident. We decided to make the system easier to access by creating a safe and secure platform that the doctors, patients and insurance agents can use to access patients' information on their smart devices.

What it does

It gives each entity involved a restricted access to the patients' general and medical database, based on their requirements. The patient can generate a QR code that the other entities can scan to access certain parts of information over the patient's consent

How I built it

We used Android studio with java and xml to create an android application and Xcode with swift for the iOS application

Challenges I ran into

We learned iOS and android app development from scratch. We learned how to generate and scan QR codes for both platforms, and used a real time online relational database called firebase to store and use data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully implemented a QR code generating and scanning system within both iOS and android applications. Also implemented an online database to store data gathered in the application.

What I learned

Android and iOS app development and implementation of various functions and features which can be used on a regular basis

What's next for Health&I

Creating algorithms for various doctors to be able to access limited information based on their relation with the patient. Creating functions for insurance agents and solving problems that might come up when connecting them to the rest of the platform

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