After some deep conversation, we realized that most people are fully aware of their current state of health, their health goals, and how to achieve them, but struggle to actually act on any of this information.

What it does

Our bot allows users to keep track of various things pertinent to their health, such as drinking water, and working out regularly. It can handle reminders and provide other useful information.

How we built it

Despite having plenty of quick start resources to use, we built our webhook and server from scratch. We used a tool by Google called Dialogflow which helps streamline processing and responding to messages. This tool allowed us to effectively train mini models that could understand the user input in various contexts, and respond the right way. We could also defer some user input to our custom webhook, which would then send the user a custom message or message template.

Challenges we ran into

We were clear on the problem we wanted to solve and the product that could solve it, but found implementing a little difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a bot that we built from scratch up and running! It's not a complete product, but we built the foundation from which we can keep building. We also used ngrok to serve our webhook to the public while hosting it on our local computer.

What we learned

The best thing I learned is how simple it is to spin up a bot that can send and receive basic messages. There is a lot of functionality that can be added both with Facebook's APIs and third parties like Dialogflow. We also learned about the potential of a chat bot to serve various user needs very seamlessly.

What's next for HealthAI

We'd like to perfect the current user experience, and then add features that can make the bot seamlessly help users better attain their health goals. We're starting with the basics, but we'd like to see what else we can do for a users with the power of a chat bot. We're like a powerful, smart personal assistant that is available everywhere without additional software or hardware.

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