When people start to feel sick, they usually are not willing to make an appointment to qualified doctor and take their medication, following instructions. An appointment with a necessary doctor may be delayed for weeks. We wanted to create a solution for this issue, using data science and android app development.

What it does

Firstly, our app has a list of prescribed medications for your, where you can find time and date of the next take of medication. Secondly, there is a handbook of mdeications, where you can find understandable information about all the drugs in database. Thirdly, there is a kind of chat-bot, to which you can complain about your symptoms and get the supposed diagnosis and recommendation about specialization of doctor, tho whom you should go.

How we built it

We built this app using Tornado framework and created API service for the app. Also, we used Android SDK for the app. Chat-bot algorithm based on modified kNearestNeighbours algorithm and linear algebra.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was data mining for the algorithm. We found information about diseases and their symptoms, created lots of matrixes for analysis. The next problem was creating of a modified algorithm for chat-bot. Then we had to learn a lot about tools for android development and building of API services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of the algorithm we have developed for the chat-bot. The next point is scalable API system. And, finally, convenient adroid app.

What we learned

Android SDK, some new information about ML and Tornado framework

What's next for HealthAdvisor

We want to add a account type for doctors, who can make a prescription for their patients and follow them. Then we want to create an iOS app and web-site to de

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