Meant to help in less privileged nations in regard to their diet. This mission came largely from Project RISHI, which presented to us before the hackathon

What it does

They are two games that teach healthy eating

How we built it

We used codehs to code on javascript and put it on a website with html on

Challenges we ran into does not execute timers properly so the javascript doesn't execute perfectly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Projects work individually though not on the website because of issues with timers

What we learned

We learned a lot about html and javascript as well as how to use a website to host javascript games, which work but not perfectly (because of the issue with timers).

What's next for Health_Quest

We plan to get the javascript to properly execute on the website so people can access it online from their smartphone or tablet. We also plan on getting the GUI to look a bit nicer for some of the games as well as add more in-game prizes for Health Quest.

Built With

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