All over the world countries and people suffer from covid-19. Isolation is one answer to the crisis. But it only adresses one problem: The health problem (while economy and social life are collapsing!). We can only save our economy and our social life by getting back to normality. Even if some countries may flatten their curve drastically - Fact is that one infected person can start the whole problem all over again. That means that our rights will be ristricted for a long time from now! We cant get back to normal because we don´t know who is a threat for other people. Immune people might get back to normal life but those people simply cannot prove their immunity! That´s where HEALTH_ID enters the game...

What it does

HEALTH_ID proves the immunity of a user in everyday situations without intriguing their privacy. HEALTH_ID connects your normal personal ID-number with your covid-19-health-status. Nothing more, nothing less. Depending on your country the ID-number is a simple sequence of numbers that don´t carry any further personal information. Therefore the best tool to connect it with a sensitive personal information such as your corona-immunity-status. Only someone who sees your id-card can check your health-status. It´s like a credit card that in fact shows very sensitive data as well. If you don´t show it to anybody, nobody can harm you. Only people who know your id-number can check if you are a threat to them. Just enter a persons id number into the HEALTH_ID input field and get the state back. This certificate can be verified with a QR-Code. With this super easy tool you can prove your immunity in everyday situations (with a QR-code) or online (by simply typing in your ID-number). With our built-in API third party platforms can check your health-state as well. Examples can be:


  • Booking a flight online (The airline can check your covid-19 state with our API)
  • Requesting a visa online (The government can check your covid-19 state with our API)
  • Booking a festival/concert/theater/cinema ticket (The manager can check your covid-19 state with our API)
  • And plenty of other situations...

Everyday situations:

  • Admission and entrance controls of festivals/concerts/theaters/cinemas/shops/restaurants/hotels
  • Police controls
  • Border controls
  • And plenty of other situations...

Note: health and test data is provided by certified facilities such as laboratories/hospitals and doctors. The HEALTH_ID can be owned by a state or by a trustworthy non-profit-organisation.

HEALTH_ID is 100% free, 100% voluntary and 100% useful!

The only way to fully get back to our normal life is to differentiate between immune and non-immune people. Think about it! It´s so obvious!!!

How I built it

The best and secure system is a simple system. I`ve developed a front-end website ( and a back-end database. As I´ve discribed it further on top it is simply a connection between a personal id with a state of health. The information exchange on the user side is done with a qr code which can also be scanned and verified within the HEALTH_ID platform/website. Therefore I´ve taken some board-libraries for qr-code-scanning and -generating and combined it with a database. HEALTH_ID works from EVERY smartphone that has a camera in the world via the internet. It´s made for a everyday mass-use. Even people in slums have smartphones!

Challenges I ran into

While developing the concept I put the highest emphasis on simplicity and privacy. While other countries come across a lot of apps that truly intrigue users privacy this one doesn´t. I figured out that people need 5-10 minutes to truly understand the concept behind it and then - without a doubt - realise that HEALHT_ID can be very useful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a dead simple concept that works.

What I learned

Creating a good concept is one thing. Convincing others is super hard.

What's next for HEALTH_ID

Obviously for HEALTH_ID to work health data is needed. Health_ID needs fast and reliable immune tests for millions of people and a facilities with special certificates. Nevertheless Health_ID can start small and verify immunity of few hundreds at first. This means that more and more people can go back to normal life. The economic and social problem is solved.

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