Inspiration The top three causes of death are diseases that could be avoided by a health lifestyle and number of deaths by an unhealthy lifestyle is growing. With more and more people being occupied with their phone, why not create an app that encourages healthy eating and living.

What it does It contains a variety of functions needed to maintain your health.

Forum There is a forum where you can interact with other people and ask questions.

Event page There is an event page that you can link with you or someone else's google calendar. If case you want a separate calendar for all your health events, you can put it here

News A news page where we gather other health articles for you to read. The links are below the articles if you want to visit the original article.

Fitness There is a fitness section with a range of things to do. There's instructions for workouts, instructions for exercises, diet plans you can follow, BMR calculator, and a record of your workout activity.

Todo List This is you're todo list. You can check of things you have done.

Nutrition Label* This is the nutrition label section. It contains two links. The first link directs you to a website where you can look up a fast food chain and look up their nutrition facts for their foods. The second link directs you to a website where you can look up common grocery items and look up their nutrition facts.

Learn More Learn more takes you to Khan Academy. If you have an account, you can look up their health or medicine videos.

Rewards There is a reward section. Every month, there will an a set of objectives that you have to complete in a certain amount of days. To keep things organized, people can only do one of the objectives per day. If they complete the challenge, they get to receive a gift card of their choice. This is an incentive to get people to live healthy.

Share with Friends You can share this app with friends. It encourages others to live a healthy life.

Directory The directory is meant to give you information on grocery stores close by. It encourages making food at home as opposed to buy fast food.

How I built it I used appy-pie to build this app. First, I planned out what I wanted in the app. Then I had to read through the functions that appy-pie provided and determine whether or not this could work for my app. The rest of the time was guessing and checking whether this function best suited my intentions and how to make it work effectively.

Challenges I ran into There was no place for me to make my own catalog of nutrition facts. For my todo list, I'm still unaware on how to let users put in their own todo list in. So, for now, I left it as an example as to how it would look like.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I'm proud that I was able to create a functional app in the time that I had, especially since I was unaware of this program.

What I learned I learned how to use appy-pie to make apps without coding. While using appy-pie, I learned that the functions that they have are set and stone. It was very difficult for me to try and manipulate the functions into the way I wanted it.

What's next for H.E.A.L.T.H First thing I want to add is a special section where you can look up a fast food restaurant, look up their food, and receive the nutrition label that goes with it. If people knew how little essential vitamins and nutrients they were receiving, I think it would make them think twice about what they choose to eat. After I add that section, I want to include geo-fencing in my app so that when you walk into a fast food restaurant you receive a notification that directs you to the app and show you the nutrition facts before you order anything.

Note: The first download link is android and the other is apple

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