People are hungry very often. Most people beat themselves up after consuming a high calorie meal. This app allows people to make healthy food choices at anytime of the day. This also caters to the needs of under weight people, advising them how much more to eat to improve their weight.

What it does

Depending on the time of the day, the web app gives you the correct kind of meal depending upon your sex, weight, age and workout regime. for ex: if it is 8 am in the morning, it is time for breakfast. This web app makes all kinds of breakfast available and then returns few choices depending on your calculated BMI, BMR and workout regime. The web app then returns the lowest price of each ingredient available at Walmart. In this way, this app allows people to count both their calories and their money.

How I built it

We used an API provided by the Spoonocular webite, hosted by Mashape, using it to find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This app also gave information about the calories present in the snack. The app is then directed to Walmart's Search api, which then gives the minimum price of each individual ingredient available.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we faced were related to development of the app. We are graduate students of elctrical engineering and didnt have much experience related to app development. We first used IBM Blue Mix services to code in Node JS. But we faced many roadblocks there. We then tried the same using PHP but were once again unsuccessful. Finally we implemented it using pearl. Apart from that we also ran into challenges mainly related to the feasibility of the idea. How i could use the API's available while making people health conscious and also allowing them to value their money in a positive way. We used body parameters and workout regimes to come up with various parameters like BMI and BMR which tell a person how much to eat to remain or become healthy. And the entire calculation happens internally, just advising the person about the calories they might take in and the various choices they may have. This also takes care of the much needed variety required for day to day activities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First of all we are very proud that we were able to successfully implement it even though we faced many roadblocks. The way in which we have calculated the BMI and BMR using the input parameters and then advising the person about the food they may have along with the choices they can make will have a huge positive impact on many people, making them better at managing health and also getting them the prices so that they are not only health conscious but also money wise

What I learned

I learned different ways of viewing a problem depending on the resources available. We also learned a lot of adaptability

What's next for Health web app

Using smart watches we can compute real time data and make the app more responsive to realtime situations

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