Nearly one in two sick Americans cannot afford health care, even those with health insurance, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis. The inspiration came from a community clinic in our college town of Toledo, Ohio. There is a free of cost community clinic that runs every thursday. There are local physicians, residents and senior medical school students volunteering at that clinic. They see about 300 patients from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Last time when I visited the clinic because I did not have health insurance, I had to wait for 3 hours to get seen by a Doctor. Our app will minimize that time and connect doctors who want to volunteer with patients in the area.

What it does

"The goal of Health Wallet is to connect people in need of health services with volunteering professionals. We provide free health service by connecting you with local health professionals who are willing to help. Talk to a professional anywhere by chat or video." Our app also uses machine learning models to predict disease. It is not completely functional but we have a basic ML model that we want to expand on.

How we built it

We used Html, CSS and Javascript for the front-end. We used python back-end for our heart disease prediction model. We used Firebase as our authentication service and we also used it for our database so that we can match patients with doctors in future.

Challenges we ran into

There were various challenges that we ran into. We did not know about Firebase and how it worked so we had to teach ourselves and use it in our project. It is first time for three out of four of us to attend any Hackathon. Two out of four of us had not programmed before. It was important for us to not only continue to work on our project but also make sure that our teammates know what we were doing and they can get a good learning experience as well.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of the fact that we were able to finish our web app and we can expand on that from here. We also like that our group was diverse with different skills but we made it work in the end. We have the product that we want people in need to use and get help.

What we learned

We learned that teamwork is very crucial for the success of the project. We did not know when we first came to Hackathon what we were going to work on. We had different ideas but we sort of tweaked our ideas and made it work. Teamwork is also about realizing that I might not get to pick what I want to do now because my teammate has a better idea or I can make it work within the scope of what my team is thinking.

What's next for Health Wallet

We want to build ML models and integrate into our website so that people in need can also use our platform for disease predictions and predict a healthy lifestyle. We also want to expand it so that people can get real time status on health care facilities around them.

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