Until 2015 I was healthy and active. I never had any serious health issues nor surgeries. I dared to even consider myself lucky. But everything changed suddenly in May 2015. It started with a mild indigestion that wouldn’t go away. The pain was getting worse and I had to go to the ER at one of the top hospitals in Boston. The doctor in the ER did not listen as I tried to explain the symptoms and signs I had been experiencing during the last two weeks. The hospital discharged me with no diagnosis. I went home in pain and disbelief, not knowing what was wrong with me. Over the weekend I wasn't feeling better and was desperate for a diagnosis and treatment. It took me two hours Monday morning to get a same day appointment with a specialist at another hospital. This time the doctor listened, looked at me while consulting (not at the computer screen or charts) and within a few minutes sent me urgently to the ER for a CT scan. The scan revealed my critical acute condition and in less then an hour I was on my way to the operating room. It was a long and successful operation followed by a prolonged recovery period. The correct diagnosis is the reason I’m alive today and able to resume my normal life.

What it does

Our revolutionary, unified health management solution combines artificial intelligence insights, principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and action analytics to turn health literacy into healthy behaviors leading to optimal patient-clinician interaction.

How I built it

With a team of 5 people. Took 2 years and much effort. We are in commercial release since Nov 2019.

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