Our team was inspired to create this high-tech low-cost pill box and app because of the dire need to solve medication adherence for chronic condition patients.

According to CVS, 25% of all patients never pick up their first fill and of the 75% that do, half of them stop refilling their medication after a year.

What is the product

To tackle the problems of forgetfulness and lack of a pill-taking regiment, we've created the perfect solution, Health+.

Pictured in the slide show, you can see our interactive pill box prototype. The blue, gray, and green portion of the interactive pill box is the holder for the white "cartridges" that hold your medication for each week. These extremely cheap cartridges are shipped to you each week (with your medication already sorted for each day) so that when you finish your last day, you've already got your next week on your porch. The cartridge holder communicates via bluetooth technology to our app. This app sends you reminds that are already preprogrammed as to when you should take each pill. Once you open the lid on the box for your day and take your pills, the app receives that you have done so.

Our app sends you notifications to remind you to take your pills. At the end of the day, you will be sent a reward report to increase medication adherence by providing statistics on how your health is and various stats of that nature.

How we built it

For the pill box, we used an Arduino kit for the sensors portion and we designed the pill box in SolidWorks that will also hold the Arduino. The Arduino will communicate with the app that also provides notifications and a rewards program for taking your pills, which will be confirmed by the sensor of that day's lid opening.

Challenges we ran into

Creativity was in excess at first. We were thinking far ahead with drone delivery when we eventually realized that didn't matter because that wasn't CVS's responsibility. After using our entire first night to plan our solution, we finished with a product that has solved both problems, forgetfulness and lack of a pill-taking regiment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of the effectiveness of our teamwork to create a great product, successfully designing the pill box, cartridge and app, and implementing Arduino to communicate with the app.

What we learned

It's all about the "micro-moments." Having a healthy and productive debate with ideas bouncing back and forth to eventually come up with an all-encompassing product, business model, and service.

What's next for Health+

With the proper funding, we will 3D print our first prototype, combine it with the Arduino, and work on the wireframes on Invision to create our first product and working model for the application portion.

Built With

  • app-design
  • arduino
  • injection-molding
  • pp
  • solidworks
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