Basically, the statistics should be displayed in an interactive manner with maps and charts. Otherwise, it's somewhat difficult to interpret the data by going through each and every row.

While going through the statistics data from, found out that the data are displayed by adults, by gender and by race. Even though Kff website displays the data in a MAP but lacks to display all the information at a time. Hence I have decided to create an application which has to show the health statistics data in a map and upon selection of any state, the gender wise and race wise stats should be displayed in a pie chart underneath that map. In this way, we can view the information at ease.

What it does

It's a Node JS web application shows the various health statistics data.

The below statistics are getting displayed here
Poor mental health

For each category, the dataset contains three CSV files. The adults statistics csv file contains the adults percentage per each US states, the gender statistics csv file contains the gender wise percentage per each US states and the race statistics csv file contains the race wise percentage per each US states. So this application displays the US states map with adults percentage stats and upon selection of any of the state will display the statistics by gender and race for that selected state.

Data Source: KCMU analysis of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System(Year:2014)

How I built it

I have used Node JS for reading the CSV files and exposing couple of RESTful web services to provide those statistics content to front end.

I have used javascript to get the data from NodeJs server and render it with Google chart (Geochart and Pie chart).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As part of this project, I have learnt to use Node Js and Google Chart

What I learned

Google chart

What's next for Health Statistics Application

I wish to add few more statistics and also create an android application to show these data

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