There is a big issue when it comes to a health care. When a patient goes to a new doctor, the doctor first needs to gather patient health history which can be time consuming and costly. Also, in that process patient needs to provide medical insurance information, and the insurance provider need to communicate both with the patient and doctor’s office. Then when a patient gets prescription, he/she needs to carry papers around to a pharmacy in order to get medication, and again provide the insurance information. And, when it comes to getting refills, there is often a miscommunication between pharmacies, doctors and patients. Our system allows users/patients to get their prescriptions in a secure way using a pin code and RFID.

We used Block stack external storage to store information, and a pin code pad and RFID reader as external devices. We ran into issues with package management and installation. However, we learned a lot about using Blockstack technology. And we would like to continue working on Health Stack and maybe in future it becomes a commercial product.

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