Health Source App is a crowd sourcing web application that looks to gather information from health professionals from all over the world on the causes and solutions to maternal and child mortality issues. The application is targeted primarily at health professionals from all over the world but focuses mainly on Africa. It has a poll section where health professionals can vote on issues relating to maternal and child mortality based on their experience.Since this is the primary function of the application, a lot of the polls will reflect real life situations faced by doctors and healthworkers. It also allows users to leave comments on their experiences on these issues as well as the steps they are taking in their countries or regions to help solve these problems and ultimately reduce maternal and child mortality. The application displays indicators on Birth Rates, Maternal mortality ratio, Infant Mortality Rates and Malnutrition Prevalence in countries around the world which serves as a referrence for users on the current global trends. The application also has a tips section where health professionals(midwives) and other users can read on tips for pregnant mothers to keep healthy during their pregnancy.

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