InspirationWhat is your project Name?

Health Samurai Student App is the name of this mobile application project.

Who are the team members? Sally Jain

What languages is the app built with? We used the Android Programming Studio to create a mobile application.

Brief Project description This mobile application is a project aimed at helping students ranging from elementary school up to high school. It provides students the opportunity to learn from fellow students of similar grade levels on different school subjects, and request assistance for schoolwork and homework. It will use the same tools as similar software, first provided on the Android platform. It will have whiteboards for students to use and learn from, chatrooms to discuss schoolwork and homework, and other features. Students can volunteer as teachers to other students for different grade levels and school subjects.

  1. How do you get the idea to build the project? I formulated the idea for the app after seeing many adults using virtual teaching software to teach students when the schools began closing earlier this year. That teachers and professors were using online services to set up virtual classrooms with their students. For this app, I would like to extend such mechanisms to more students and make a mobile application tailored to student-led group lessons for the upcoming school year.

  2. What is the purpose of the app The purpose of this app is to provide further education to students by creating and maintaining group learning sessions led by students. This mobile app would allow students to study and educate among themselves, while dealing with the current pandemic. It connects students to other students through virtual sessions for further education and communication to others during this crisis.

  3. How is it beneficial to society? This mobile application will be of great benefit to many students since it seeks to help students to have virtual meetings to further their education. The mobile application would be a simplified approach for students to enter virtual sessions to understand schoolwork and homework through a safe environment, no matter how their current situation in their local country is. This app benefits students of all types, especially to those students living in regions where campuses are closed or opened for limited hours. In future updates, information on COVID-19, health news, and safe practices.

  4. Challenges ran into

Time spent building the app remains a significant challenge to overcome. Changing schedules, obligations, time spent researching, and other time-consuming activities can lead to rushed projects and proposals. This mobile application project will also consume time into coding and programming a prototype that functions properly.

  1. Accomplishments that I am proud of? Still, I am proud to be able to deliver a prototype mobile application that if further worked on can be the start of something successful. These current times in this pandemic have brought many to be hurt in many ways. But, we must do what we can to push on forward.

  2. What did I learn? I believe what I learn most importantly in this project is to pre-plan many of the tasks and delegate work into chunks to get a better understanding of the big picture of this mobile app project. Working straight through a project without thinking of how the small pieces of work would lead to is a recipe for disaster and waste of effort and time. That is best to give yourself the big picture of your project and understand how the small pieces of the project will fit into the overall design and workings of the project.

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