Health Recovery Solutions works with our nation’s leading hospitals, insurance companies, home health agencies, and ACOs to deliver a platform that reduces readmissions and takes care of high risk patients post-discharge. Employing an automated patient-centered approach, our software specifically incorporates cutting edge findings on the causes of readmissions. The recovery data is used in conjunction with EMR integration, web monitoring portal, and smartphone applications to effectively address patients’ concerns and use of our products, as well as reinforce healthy lifestyles post hospitalization. Our solution enables our clients to avoid substantial readmission penalties while improving patient satisfaction, generating additional revenue, and increasing the efficiency of their workflow. With the focus on changing patient behavior and ensuring compliance, patients are provided with disease-specific 4G tablets, customized with their medications, reminders, educational videos, and diet information. The HRS tablets are also integrated with wireless PulseOximeters, BP monitors, thermometers, and scales, with subsequent data being monitored in real-time by both clinicians and family members alike. The tablets allow for remote, face-to-face video calls between the patient and his or her various physicians. Real-time patient vitals, gathered from the various devices, is sent to our servers, where our patented algorithms analyze the data and highlight at-risk patients, with the ability to notify caregivers of impending medical complications before they happen. Subsequent information is provided to caregivers via our HIPAA secure ClinicianConnectTM web portal. To date, facilities using our product have reduced their readmission rates by an average of 80%. In addition to reducing readmission rates, as well as increasing medication and physical activity compliance, patients using our tablets lose an average of 6.2 lbs.

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