It's no secret that humanity is facing one of its most significant challenges: human displacement. Whether it is inside a city or from one country to another, many people need to move sometimes leaving behind essential documents or losing them while traveling.

What it does

HRR it's aimed to help NGOs that work with the people's rights in topics as health and migration building a starting point of health recommendations based on the genome info from a population type. The idea is that with this starting info organizations can track potential health deficits points that can make a difference for people who don't have access to its own medical records. And with this info NGOs can create a customized nutrition plan to ensure the well-being of the user, and in case of possible health issues link a person with medical institutions.

The app is easy to use and doesn't save any personal data to ensure the app can't be used to discriminate against a specific person. The app also can generate a report with nutrient info which can be exported as a PDF with a button to be easily printed or sent.

How I built it

We are a team of two brothers who wanted to solve a problem we see every day on the news. We used ionic to build the app and set a Node.js backend on Heroku to make a bridge with the genomelink API and OAuth service. We used pdfmake to render the pdf on android and download it. stack

Challenges I ran into

It was our first time using OAuth both with Android and with Node.js, so it was a little complex, but once we understand its gotchas, we managed to implement it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

PDF rendering was slow in the first tests, but we solved it, and now it goes smoothly. We publish the first version of our app in the Android AppStore

What I learned

DNA and genome info can empower NGOs to benefit those who need the most. While searching for info, I discovered more about the human genome project.

What's next for Health record recovery

We started to gather real data from NGOs, hotlines for mental health assistance and complete diets based on each region for specific populations but we run out of time to add it to the first version release. We plan to update the app when new population types are released.

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