The Smart monitoring band needs to be tied on the wrist of the visitor at the time of registration for 1st vaccine dose schedule when the visitor visit the hospital . The device is linked with the central server of the hospital with patients/visitor national identity number(passport/ID card) for track and record . At the time of 1st Dose to the visitor all the detail will be stored on the hospitals central server and will be logged in the device in the form of QR code and tabular Data . The detail contains the brand of the vaccine ,date and time at which vaccine is taken and next schedule date . All the details will be send to medical departments system and to patients smart band/ registered email and mobile number as well. The device is linked with patients identity number for verification now after 1st post vaccine dose the device starts monitoring SPO2 level, body temperature, heart beat level the health of the patient on daily basis and stores and sends the data on the hospital server linked with patients IDs to monitor the side effects or risks or health condition for 21 or 28 days (depend upon the vaccine taken) after the first vaccine also alarms or reminds the patient by a beep message and a notification on the display for the date and schedule for the 2nd appointment for another dose. If some side effect has been seen on the patient body post vaccine it immediately alerts the hospital for emergency help by sending patients live location. It can SYNC with nearest hospital department to monitor patient till all doses are completed safely and also made patient aware about his health monitoring by Sending data to his email and mobile phone on daily basis . With this device the patient can easily track his/her health and even also helps the hospitals in vaccine tracking for each citizen who got the vaccine .it will also help vaccination companies to monitor the accuracy, side effects or Performance of the vaccine with this unique device . The device has been made with integration of IOT , AI and various algos and codes to get the maximum output precisely.

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