The US Army and Special Forces continue to risk their lives for the security and peace of the United States of America each and every day. As a result, to make their lives and training a little easier, we were inspired to help with this challenge and give a little back to the men and women that keep us safe every day.

What it does

Health Port is the one-stop shop for tracking fitness made specifically for the US Army’s special operations forces. Many rangers follow a strict schedule supplemented with various tracking devices from a range of different companies. With timeliness and convenience, Health Port garners all of this data into one place for an easily visualized and seamless training experience.

How we built it

We built our project using libraries and frameworks such as React Native and Typescript along with tools to test our builds such as Ignite and Expo. Using this software allowed us to take advantage of the power of hot reload while maintaining cross-platform development the entire way.

Challenges we ran into

One major challenge we faced was retrieving data from the different fitness trackers that the Rangers wanted us to integrate. Some APIs required an application to be approved, while others simply weren’t offered by the companies. Another challenge we came across was figuring out how to best aggregate and present the data from multiple sources to make it simple and useful.

What we learned

One of the biggest things that we learned was how to work on a team efficiently in a software-based product such as this one. Specifically, the power of team collaboration software such as Trello and the power of version control with Github. Together, we were able to utilize everyone’s strengths to overcome many of the challenges that we had throughout the entire Hackathon. We also learned the importance of perseverance in the field of Computer Science. Most things will never work the first time. As a result, it is important to stay motivated and persevere towards the end goal.

What's next for Health Port?

We will take the next few days to work towards providing rangers with suggestions based on all the data that we are gathering. We also want to utilize the power of single-sign on to make security convenient and consistent.

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