The national lockdowns due to Covid-19 pandemic has brought the travel sector to an abrupt halt. For almost all of us this is a first such event in our lifetime and probably the first global ‘pause’ in global travel ever since mankind learnt how to cross oceans and fly. This pause has made everyone aware of how closely we are all connected globally, and it has also brought to light how dis-connected our healthcare systems are and how difficult it is to share reliable information when needed. In the current crisis different countries have different responses to dealing with Covid-19 and they are at different stages of the pandemic, some projecting longer curves than others. Beating the virus will come at a great human and economic cost. But, there is increasing pressure on the global economy, to restore public confidence soon as possible, especially in the avenues of large public events and international travel. As the global economic engine restarts after the lockdown restrictions are lifted, there will still be lot of apprehension and potential mistrust in the way different countries manage the local secondary spread of infection. This raises a need to share relevant health information (immunity/vaccination records) via reliable and trusted route. Our aim is to enable people to go return to their lives as seamlessly as possible and leverage technology at our disposal to facilitate that.

What it does

Immunisation Pass app is a truly interoperable personal immunisation record that acts an international portal to aggregate relevant health information and put them in the right hands at the right time. Our solution will aim to help individuals to keep track on their immunity status to contagious diseases to ease the process of international travel and passing international border in a frictionless manner using a mobile application built with security and privacy in mind, allowing authorities to validate status of the application user. The border control personnel or other relevant policing authority can also review the individual travel history and determine the risk profile.

Challenges we overcame

Developing notifications for exposure alerts that wouldn't cause panic for a user was challenging, but we feel that the language and tone of voice that we've developed coupled with the guidance and helpful resources that are included in the alert provide real value and peace of mind

Adding vaccination while keeping the user anonymous and validating immunization record at border control, at first it looked like it required different solutions. But we managed to come up with a simple process and UX that would work for both cases and require minimum user efforts, thus improving user experience.

we initial thought we had to make same compromises between security and privacy, but we came up a solution that is both secure and protects the privacy rights of the user.

What's next for Immunisation Pass

The Immunisation pass app can be extended to determine user location to alert them of potential risks and also personalise the information dissemination, when it’s needed. The application could also provide travel advice including information on disease outbreaks, high risk areas, possible past exposure and vaccination advise proactively. This can also be used to push relevant info on symptoms for disease that exist in an area the individual is in or have recently travelled to.

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