Many patients have to go far from their residence for Medical Checkup and they have to get appointment each time they go in the Hospital. If the Hospital is reputed, it emboldens the task, since it attracts may patients and hence results in taking up lots of time and energy. It becomes crucial if the patients are physically weak, for eg, old aged people or physically challenged.

What it does

This app reduces the physical task by providing test reports automatically on the app portal or using bot. This greatly reduces the physical task and provides the test reports immediately to the patient, both on the portal and messenger-bot.

How we built it

We have used ReactJS for UI. In backend, we have used Node and MongoDB for database. We have used Sails Framework for Node

Challenges we ran into

There were lots of challenges we faced. Most of the things we attempted were first time to be. Setting up messenger bot was not easy at all and so was Facebook Login. This was first time we used these facebook products. Handling responses is very crucial for frontend and one must know exactly what is happening in each line of the code. The complete process has complete potential of bringing out the best developers and the best in a developer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This app is able to handle and smoothen the work of both doctor and patient and strengthens doctor-patient bond, one of the most important thing in the field Health Care

What we learned

We learned a lot about facebook products and tools and how to interact with them. ReactJS is very powerful tool for making a progressive web app and it's implications are very great. We learned a lot about facebook-messenger and chat bot. This project further forced us to jump into deep insights of Node, MongoDB, Sails and many more. In short, this project was a complete tutorial for us in learning some of the great web technologies and using them at the same time. It is as they say: "Necessity is the mother of invention". In this path, we were able to explore our limits to a great extent. Thanks a lot Facebook for this initiative :)

What's next for Health Monitor

In future, we'll be looking into making the process completely automatic. There are a few things in our mind, like incorporating IOT with it and concept of Blockchain.

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posted an update

This app shortens the task of doctor and patient by allowing the doctor to give reports to the patient through this application. Both doctor and patient need to register first on the app, before accessing feature. Doctor has to register through Doctor's Registration Portal on the website. For the patient, he/she need to login to our app via Facebook Login. We have not provided patient's login separately because it may encourage unnecessary spamming any Facebook user through this app, merely after getting email id.

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