☁️ Inspiration & Problem Statement:

We have seen uncountable number of cases were patients succumb and are ill fated just because they dont recieve treatment on time. This is because of many reasons:

  1. Too high cost of treatment not economical for the patients
  2. Very high traffic in hospitals so treatments are delayed
  3. 3rd world nations and developing countried do not have medical infrastructire to cure patients.

🚧 What It Does

As said above, this website provides not only the solution to this but also gives great service and care aboits all its users.

  1. Firstly, The website has a petition feature and issue apraisal feature where patients can raise thier issues of treatments being to costly for them to afford and doctors need to subsidize rates.

  2. Secondly feature is the feedback page for doctors to raise thier voice to the Govemement and hospital instieuions to bring in better medical facilities.

  3. Thirdly, our call and message bot helps people to avoid rushed areas and get faster smoother and economical treatment.

  4. Lastly, Greeting card feature for friends and relatives to show your love, care and Support them.

🛠️ How We Built It

Linode: Using Linode's one-click stack scripts, we deployed a VPS with our database and then, hosted our backend on it.

Github: We used GitHub to host all of our code. GitHub made hosting all this a breeze.

Auth0: We also used Auth0 to create a serverless login feature for the website. It allows users to login without any hassels and ask them to authorize linking of accounts which provides additional security to the website.

LOB API: We learnt this new tech and implemented it that was used to create a greeting card for every patients. We also used its mail sending and API and created templates to send personal mails to our friends and family and motivate them.

Postman to host our collection, run our environment and send request to obtain the desored template result using LOB.

CircleCI: We used Circle CI for automating and testing our website platform. The Pipelining feature has really helped speed up the backend process of the website.

Twilio: Twilio has been a very easy tech to use and create an emergency chatbot. We have also created a Calling bot that registers all issues of users or conncets patients to thier doctors. It also has Video Call facility that can be used to codnuct forums between doctors around the world pushing them to discuss solutions to upcoming issues in the med industry.

Matlab It has been a helpful tool for image scaling and sizing using grids for positioning of images on template on LOB API. We also have tried to run code that can plot the graphs between the patient and treatment realtions and other such databases.

👨🏾‍💻 Challenges We Ran Into

We had no difficulties registering a domain, or using Linode or GitHub. There were some problems implementing CircleCI as we had never used it before but overall we were able to figure out every tool and create an API with it.

👍 Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Linode's built-in stack support made it a breeze to host everything. The hosting is crucial part for our website and to avoid having a slow server that we had to run ourselves, we decided to host on the cloud, and chose Linode’s easy-to-use service to do so. This process was very streamlined and we’re proud we managed to host it on this platform.

📙 What We Learned

This was our first time using Auth0, and it was pretty easy to figure out how to use it. It was also our first time using Lop API and CircleCI.

🔜 What's Next For Health Miscalled Us

This project is amazing, but has a lot of points to improve upon. A better user interface can be added, and a chatbot could possibly be created. The tools can have more features, too.

🌐GoDaddy Domain: health-miscalled.us

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