Life lost and panic felt during diseases outbreak in Africa

What it does

It allow health care delivery personnel to establish a procedures of identifying, analyzing and managing diseases at various level, while giving them a visual and direct response wdhich is interactive and based on the level of training of personnel in handling various pre-configured diseases, maped with the ability to fine tune diseases to improve response action when needed preparing their mind for saving life.

How I built it

It was built with React 360 with my best coding practices as a Biochemist in Tech. Real Life models where converted into concrete JavaScript classes and built to interact like normal living models Few of the model are (Habitat, Laboratory, Doctor, Disease, Specimen). Managing the state is some how complex so I opted for Redux which worked smoothly

Challenges I ran into

This app was built within a week. I got the information late last week Thursday (12th September 2019). I initially thought I couldn't do something but the spirit of the Inspiration kept driving to continue. It has been a sleepless moment I have ever been exposed to so far. The real time disease infection I wanted to simulate modeling data gotten from Ebola. Is heavy for my current implementation so I choosed Binary Tree Data Structure which is some how laggy so JavaScript worker is the solution. As every infected patient in an outbreak has to which are not treated will need to incubate the disease and transfer to others in the population. Using a single thread will quickly overflow the call stack or become laggy. That was why I think worker will be a good go.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Picking up the challenge with the mind set of winning regardless of the late start time. Building this models (Habitat, Laboratory, Doctor, Disease, Specimen) while thinking deeply before choosing any attribute they could have and what impact will the have while interacting with each other in the infected habitat

What I learned

React 360, Redux. Got the benefit of well structured coding structure and design patterns I learnt.

What's next for Health Max

Improving the Real Life monitoring so as to the infected specimen in real life and respond to it while the disease infestation is hot. If you read the news on the panic created during the outbreak, the way it was managed and lots of things not accounted which I am thinking through and implementing in code then you have a clear picture of what I want to build I wont stop this until I eventually use it to train health mind that will save millions of life with their test "no mistake experience" when it comes to handling diseases.

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