We were taught at school subjects like mathematics, physics, how to make money, and how to work hard, but never how to take better care of ourselves. COVID-19 opened our eyes to how we, humans, are weak & vulnerable with endless people suffering from underlying health conditions that are extremely severe, either physically or mentally.

What do we do

We offer tailored plans of transformational retreats for physical & mental health issues, but with a twist, it's a lifetime journey and a global health movement with our online community where people with similar issues connect together, a lifetime of professional support, and access to courses and health improvement material which are tailored to the special needs of each individual.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Over 18 sessions with the mentors! So many thanks to you all!
  • Feedback is unmatched! Just fabulous!
  • We made many priceless connections with people in the health and tourism industries, who cannot wait to support us with everything moving on, starting immediately after the hackathon.

What's next for Health Leaders

Trial Retreats, awareness building & rapid response to feedback collection, followed by the actual transformational retreats before the end of this year, 2020.

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