Everone is in front of the computer for a long time, employees at the workplace for getting to take care of themselves. The bot is intended to improve the well-being of employees and organization thus improving culture and productivity.

What it does

The bot can help you keep track of different well-being activities and as the POC we have implemented a hydration reminder. User can talk to the bot and ask to remind the user to drink water at regular intervals. The user can also enter the water intake at regular intervals to the boat and

How we built it

Overnight effort, built using nodejs and aws sdk, have a separate server to take care of the scheduled

Challenges we ran into

The message callback id across slack and Aws Getting the Interactive messages working through lex and lambda. Aws Configuring lambda cron was tricky, we had to bring up another express server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build the fully functional bot in 12 hour time.

What we learned

Impossible is nothing

What's next for Health - Jarvis - the workplace wellbeing bot

We want to improve on the recommendation part, we want to tie the same with overall well-being facets, Where the bot is able to remind people to do exercises, Yoga routines, Stretches, BMI calculation and reminding users to over a period of time we can give the user how the user has improved on their overall well-being.

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