Inspiration : connecting a disconnected India

What it does : We are making an web app for medical. we will give every person an unique id. In this unique id it will have all medical information about the person assigned to this unique id. All information will be stored in the database with protected writes. Person will be able to go any hospital with this unique id, thus doctor can get all information easily and will be able to knw about his/her pre-medical history. Doctor can also add new medical health issues. By getting this information we can analyse or make a graph i.e which disease is growing faster rate in which town/city/village.Thus we will able to send group of doctors and nurse for checkup or make camp in that town/village. We are using exotel for bulk message for the user in that particular town/village to promote the camp/checkup. In India there also a problem of storing previous medical history. This issues will also solved by this web app.

How I built it : Use php for backend, bootstrap for frontend and exotel api for notification.

Challenges I ran into : Using ibm bluemix

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : inout successfully happen

What I learned: I learned how to manage tym. I learned new api and cloud computing like ibm bluemix, salesforce.

What's next for health india : moving over cloud for data storage so that massive people can use it.

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