I was frantically getting together my friend's medical records and scanning them. I wanted to get a second opinion from an Delhi based physician, for an operation that my friend was about to undertake. If that’s not bad enough, I was also unable to access enough information about the doctor, to make an informed decision before putting my friends's life in the doctor’s hands. This incident urged me and my another friend Ashutosh to build this hack in InOut Hackathon.

What it does

We connect patients and doctors in real time and help the patient self diagnose his disease and remind him about his medicine schedule via sms/notifs Hospitals in India have traditionally been very reluctant to even share the contents of the medical records with the patients themselves.

How we built it

Our backend workings in phpMyAdmin. An Android app, sends various requests to backend and gets appropriate response. Going into details, there are two parts of the Android app. A subpart of the app deals with the schedules, account of a doctor while the other part deals with patients. A patient can use

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

this app is finally working!

What we learned

that its extremely imperative for real time exchange of information between the patient and doctor and we cannot afford even a percent of incacurcy when we deal with patients' health and treatment information

What's next for Health I/O

Polishing the UI, and reducing the lag

Built With

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