many people in our community struggle to find healthy and allergy-friendly restaurants and recipes, from that we got the idea to help in making their lives easier, and help connect restaurants with customers

What it does

the main idea is to classify recipes category from the ingredients list, using a machine-learning algorithm, in addition to providing healthy and allergy-friendly restaurants where users can order from the best available healthy restaurant options.

How we built it

we use react, python and java Script We create Script that do data cleaning from the thing that we don’t use features extraction from data building a model that predict the allergy categorize .

Challenges we ran into

  • How to make the project achieve our business goals
  • find data set that has the ingredient and the categories
  • data set that clean
  • Finding the design that will track attention to our website
  • Cleaning the data input that has any special characters.
  • How to deal with natural languages processing for first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In a short time, we were able to integrate our different ideas to produce our idea of the project.

What we learned

  • There is an alternative to everything There are many sites that facilitate learning and help to get things done and save time
  • how to deal with Natural language processing
  • Make our product attractive to the user in simple way
  • how to deal with different type of data

What's next for Health Hunger

Add many restaurants Make a list of favorites that enables registrars to save recipes Adding a health coach chat bot helps to choose recipes Registered users can add recipes to the site

What's next for Health Hunger

  • apply it for a wide number of restaurants.
  • make the user writes his recipe and we categorized for him.
  • adding different ways of payment.
  • apply more types of allergic of categorizing.
  • adding chat boot that will help the user to select the best recipe for his allergic issues or his diet
  • enables user registrars to save recipes and collect them in favoritesCart
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