The inspiration was mainly to answer a burning question in the health service industry - how to raise awareness, create interest and motivate people for healthy well being. The inspiration was also to go one step further and incentivize wellness and healthy living. The answer was Health Huddle. Considering that 60% of people in USA are insured by employers; and affordable care act is opening up channels for retail insurance, the platform leverages the concept of huddles which can be employed by employers and families alike to inspire colleagues, friends and families around us, while having some fun along the way.

Health Huddle employs one of the most popular gamification model of fantasy sports games and apply to wellness. Leagues become Huddles, Players become motives and weekly matchup is on! The big difference is that YOU are the player and all the connected devices you use will help fuel your scores against your matchup. One of the core goals of the platform is to be device platform agnostic and employ a scoring algorithm to maintain fairness regardless of a wearable or device you use to track wellness. The goal is to engage and create interest using one of the popular gamification model.

The second goal of the app is to sustain and keep the momentum. The app introduces Huddle@Work which lets users track their fitness goals with back drop of their career goals. No more research needed to prove healthy employees are better employees; let the number do the talking. The goal is to provide self-reflection on how healthy habits can have positive impacts on your personal and professional goals. For employers, it shall provide more reasons to justify ROI on health and wellness initiatives.

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