As in this busy schedule of life there is lacking of time to just visit a doctor for some kind of small illness like headache, fever, etc. need to get instant solution for it.

What it does

It is an android app which will solve your illness problem by giving you proper details about illness just by identifying symptoms. Also it can find Doctors available near you if necessary.

How we built it

We built this app in android Studio using database for login purpose which determine whether user is doctor or Patient, and accordingly the app run. Doctor will get list of Patients who have taken appointment for disease releavant to him.

Challenges we ran into

Implementation of database was very difficult for us. Also we were facing some difficulties in Implementation of Firebase for Live chatting of Doctor and Patient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented the most difficult task which was database. Also the layout that we designed was very good.

What we learned

We learned SQL and Firebase for implementation of database.

What's next for Health Hub

Doctor's Activity will became very good if we will spend some time on it.

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