What it does

The website we have created will be platform for users who are active members who are concern about the quality of healthcare offered in their community. At the moment, the site will provide information of a doctor's ethics, likability, and availability based on users reviews from clients and the health care insurance providers.

How we built it

Our team relied on Virtual Studio Code primarily for web development with React. We utilized libraries and API's such as the "Material-ui", "Google JS Maps", and plan on using "Firebase" for holding data.

Challenges we ran into

Having limited knowledge of web development with React and incorporating Google's API's stumped us for a while. A lot of time and energy were spent to understand these products and to resolve issues from them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

However, after all of the peer collaborations, workshops, and online tutorials I am proud of overcoming my frustrations from the challenges mentioned above, and to produce a usable product.

Built With

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