Being able to understand your health report shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. Being able to properly communicate and identify the different elements of one’s vitals whether it be for themself, a healthcare worker, or a loved one is essential. This application allows nurses to track each patient at the tips of their fingers, being able to see what vitals each patient has and if they need any assistance.

What it does

Health Hive acts as an all-encompassing database for all of your healthcare needs. Information and resources pertaining to reproductive health and mental health can be found, including hotlines! Features that allow you to scan and upload medical documents to foster easier transfer processes are offered as well, ensuring a smooth transfer for necessary information. In addition to all this, Health Hive monitors a patient's vitals, making the information easy to navigate and understand, whether it be for their own knowledge, a family member, or a healthcare professional. We have added features that allow you to connect with family members but also keep certain parts of your profile private. In order to share with family users will have to sign a consent form stating that they are comfortable sharing their medical needs/ history with the people they connect with through the apps. From displaying live updates on a patient’s health and wellness to documenting important health history information, Health Hive is an essential tool for each user and their wellness!

How we built it

Technologies and programs used include GitHub, Figma, Convex Console, Clerk, Squarespace, Facebook Messenger App, Dropbox, and VS Code Space Live share.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we faced as a team were working with Figma for the first time. We were also unable to work together on the website as it only allowed one person to make edits at a time. Other challenges we were faced with was being able to implement a chatbot into our website, that could either be used via messenger app or as a guest. We also ran into issues creating file storage and a drop box extension.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we all learned a tremendous amount working with new technologies. We are proud of the fact that we used Figma for the first time, producing an app entirely by ourselves on this platform. We are also proud to be able to securely implement chatbot into our website. We were also able to create a successful spot for patients to upload medical files and it be sent to their healthcare professional. Another accomplishment we were proud of was being able to make the logo and give our app life.

What we learned

We were pushed to work closely together in order to make sure everything in the hive flows correctly. Not only are the skills we’ve learned useful for hackathons, but they are also transferable to other aspects of code that we may partake in.

What's next for Health Hive

We would like to see Health Hive come into fruition as we feel that there is a global impact and there is no other holistic program out there like at this time. We feel as though this software is of extreme value to all, no matter your specific use for Health Hive. In addition to this, we would love to build upon the website and implement location services. These services would be tasked with finding local pharmacies carrying a user’s necessary medication, expanding the Hive and its services even more.

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