To provide quick and easy access to health remedies.

What it does

1.It has various machine learning models integrated with it which helps to predict whether one have kidney disease, heart disease, chronic kidney disease , diabetes or lung cancer. It has different forms which takes as input various health condition of the user and predicts the result on the basis of the information given.

2.It has the facility to take input about the situation of the patient and on that basis it suggests drugs and cause of such health condition. This is done with the help of Lexigram API.

3.It also calculates the BMI and tells whether one is underweight or overweight

How I built it

I used Python and Django to built the website and integrated it with the API.

Challenges I ran into

Integration of the API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completion of the project within the limited time frame.

What I learned

Integration of ML model in Django

What's next for Health Hack

To connect with local doctors approved contacts.

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