Health From Home (H4H) is an application designed keeping in mind of the current mindset of people on going to the hospitals.

What it does

In the current situation, people refrain from going to hospitals thinking they might contract the disease. This sometimes can result in fatal consequences. So, H4H is a solution where patients can consult with doctors virtually.

How we built it

We had prior knowledge of Java, SQL, and AWS. We used those technologies.

Challenges we ran into

Structuring of the app was quite difficult for us. Although we were sure what we wanted to do, we found it confusing about the correct way to form the general framework.

What we learned

We gained more ideas about the problem the more we worked on it and helped us learn how medical services can be provided virtually as well.

What's next for Health From Home

After this, we have thought of coordinating with the local clinics and pharmacies as well so that the delivery of the medicines can be facilitated.

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