Inspiration :

Handling medical files and prescriptions has always been a pain, moreover, in the age of social distancing, it makes complete sense to switch to a digital medium for handling medical paperwork. Keeping that in mind, we have designed a solution to completely eradicate the physical aspect of handling medical paperwork by the use of a specialized mobile app, which keeps track of your files and prescriptions.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, I guess we all can agree on the fact that Doctors and healthcare workers are the true heroes of our society. Our aim is to make their lives a tiny bit easier via this app.

What it does :

We have built a Java-based mobile application that aims to completely eliminate the use of physical paperwork in hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics, hence shifting the whole process into a digital format to ensure minimal physical contact for the consumers as well as doctors and staff.

It includes the following features :

  1. Ability to save your prescriptions and reports because of which you get the rid of the hassle of the files and papers
  2. The ability to verify doctors so that your data doesn't go into wrong hands.
  3. Doctors are able to send reports and prescriptions to the patients by scanning the patients QR code.
  4. Patients can edit and save their details in the my profile page and send these details to the doctors.
  5. The app ensures no misplacement of papers and reports.

How We built it:-

  • At first we did the brain storming for what idea should we choose then we came to the conclusion that since we are presently in the pandemic Phase so let’s do something related to it.
  • After we decided on the idea, we discussed how our app would look like and started working on a prototype.
  • We decided use Firebase SDK and Google Cloud to store and process our data.

Accomplishments that We are proud of:-

So as of now, we are newbies to the world of hackathons and we hope to explore this fantastic arena more. First of all, we are Thankful to Hero Hacks,(it’s sponsors) and MLH for letting us participate in this hackathon. More than anything we enjoyed building the application in the given time frame and even more happy that we were able to think of a solution to the problem to solace our community, On top of all this we are absolutely certain that the bonding of our team members has increased to a next level. And now We are looking forward to participating in more hackathons, thanks to MLH and the sponsors.

What's next for Health-Heroes:-

  • Right now it is limited to android users We are thinking of making a flutter version for the same so as to expand its user base so that we are able to reach out to all kinds of users.
  • At first we will reach out to small-scale medical organizations and explain to them how our application can make a change so that they recommend our application to their patients and we are able to make a difference.
  • Connecting pharmacists and chemists with this app so that they can also easily see prescriptions of the patients and they can deliver these medicines to the patients without the patient having to come to the shop to show the prescription.
  • Ability to book appointments as well from the app so that there is no hassle at the place and corona norms can be followed if one knows when their appointment is so that there is no rush at the place.
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