We were going to make a DJ Khaled meme generator, but decided we couldn't present that to the public. So we made this instead.

What it does

If you have bad posture, this app detects that using computer vision and sends a notification alerting you that you should change your position. Also, if you haven't blinked enough within a certain amount of time, it alerts you that you are straining your eyes.

How we built it

We used OpenCV with Haar Cascade classifiers to detect faces/eyes. The GUI was built using WxPython.

OpenCV is required to run this program!

Challenges we ran into

Writing a GUI is literally impossible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

GUI works.

What we learned

Haar Cascades are neat!

What's next for Health Desk

More vital signs through Euler Video Magnification/Independent Component Analysis. Integration into "magic mirror" device.

Built With

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