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Asian Cooders

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Chau Tran, Lihua Chen, Minsheng Zhang,Penghai Zhang,Uyen Luong


Knowing more about your body health frequently instead of waiting for yearly regularly health check-up and saving your live by monitoring your health and fitness. Under the high pressure of daily activities nowadays, the public caring about their body health are rising recently. Thus, the idea about a handily application to monitor the health status so we can know our bodies real-time. With this magnificent application, it allows you to know about your body and help you have a fitness and health life.

What it does

The project aims at helping people on know their health status by our analysis of your blood real – time data. Any disease can be notified in a very early stage by our data mining technology. In the first stage, we are focusing on some common disease such as diabetics and obesity. In the near future, the application will be expanded to apply in a wider area of health care activities.

How we built it

The project will include three main parts: the tiny device, a cloud storage space and the applications. The tiny device (as known as the microfluidics) will collect the data about the blood such as erythrocytes rate, glucose rate or electrical conductivity of the blood. The cloud storage space is used to store all the data the of blood test and data mine service. We have multiple applications, you can access to this source through the smart device application, computer or our website. There are two main types of information we can provide for you in our prototype application. The first one is as a general user you can view your blood sugar history, water intake history and get our kindly real-time suggestion or reminders to your fitness care. The other one is for the one who may be a specialist and want to view the real-time data by your self. We will provide your the original data in a readable and easy-understandable way.

Challenges we ran into

There are several challenges that we are meet during the time we develop this project. Firstly, it requires a highly complex technical skill from data collection to data security collection. Secondly, the project is asking us a very reliable test for the most accurate data of the human body health. Finally, some people are not happy to apply a tiny device under their skin.

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