We got our inspiration to develop the Health Counseling Portal from Sugar Labs and One Laptop Per Child, where we served in multiple capacities. Sugar Labs and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) are organizations dedicated to create educational opportunities for the world's poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop (XO) with content and software designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning. As community engineers associated with this unique proposition, we have constantly evolved our skills to align ourselves with the mission statement and develop tools for educational and health purposes.

What it does

Health and nutrition counseling and prevention from hospital acquired infections, preventive treatment and remediation over the ethereum blockchain network using a decentralized Twitter application, Embark tools and GenomeLink APIs for better understanding the genetic framework of the person.

How we built it

We have developed the decentralized twitter application using Ethereum Blockchain framework, node.js framework, nvm, Embark tools following the tutorial - We have taken considerable help in building the GenomeLink API app from the excellent examples provided. We are using HTML5 technologies and JavaScript framework for developing the frontend of the application and are using as the base for the development.

Challenges we ran into

We have been interested in building a health counseling, preventive treatment and remediation portal. We attended the first day workshop at EthIndia 2018 by Andy Tudhope this month, where he shared a decentralized twitter application and the utilization of Embark tools. We arrived at an idea that we could extend, adapt and utilize the example shared by Andy for building the portal using Ethereum blockchain network, IPFS for storage and Embark tools. We were able to follow the instructions with the help of Andy and fellow hacker friends at the ETHIndia 2018. However, when we completed the entire exercise of building the portal, Embark didn’t run. We got key pointers on fixing it from Andy. We realized that Embark tools currently run at a specific version of nvm and were able to fix the issue. We felt elated and were able to resolve the issue just in time. This gave us immense confidence on completing the remaining parts of the solution and also strengthened our mission in extending, adapting and building on top of existing tools and solutions using quality mentorship and perseverance. We twitted about Andy at our twitter channel so that we could encourage our friends to see the videos presented by him at EthIndia and build over Embark. We also wish to mention that integrating and sending medical reports using NuCypher protocol required lot of mentorship from Bogdan Opanchuk and Dr. Michael from NuCypher. They helped us at every step of implementing NuCypher whether it was installing the correct versions of requisite libraries and tools and helping us running the re-encryption protocol. Finally, we wish to thank the EthIndia community and fellow participant hackers, who helped us learn and implement our idea in a fine way :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Ability to use decentralized technology like blockchain for ensuring that the data is secure and not tampered with.
  2. Ability to learn and understand from GenomeLink API a variety of key perspectives for better delivery of nutrition and care.
  3. Ability to ensure that the counseling is managed such that privacy of the individual is not harmed.
  4. Improved transparency of data movement and consultancy between the doctor/nutrient consultant and patient/person.

What we learned

Our counseling platform is useful only to the extent it is used by the healthcare community. Thus, we are working with healthcare enthusiasts, educators around the world to focus on these learning challenges:

  1. To make our counseling platform freely and readily available to users, healthcare providers, consultants everywhere.
  2. To explore and share best practices
  3. To provide a forum for discussion and support for technology for discussion around food and dietary requirements.
  4. To provide mechanism for evaluation and dissemination of results.
  5. To strengthen the efforts in utilizing GenomeLink API more effectively.

What's next for Health Counseling Portal

Community Engagement

We are here to support community innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise. We would like to help community members start health counseling projects that help sustain and grow the technology solution and healthcare communities:

  1. To provide local and regional technical and pedagogical support.
  2. To create new engagement activities and pedagogical practice.
  3. To provide localization and internationalization of software, content, and documentation.
  4. To provide integration and customization services.

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