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Executive Summary

As remote communication has become significantly easier through the advancement of technology, the role of a doctor has been reduced significantly in patient care. Despite such fact, there is still a need to provide a positive and meaningful relationship between a patient and healthcare professional. The Healthcare Connect app is a platform that allows patients to develop a positive connection with healthcare professionals. The app provides features that allow users to search for various healthcare professionals through three different categories such as accepted insurance, doctor’s name, and availability. It will also allow patients to familiarize themselves with the doctors of their choice by having the ability to interact and communicate with them. Another great thing about our product is that it will also provide a feature that allows users, who are not proficient in English, to interact with language solution professionals or volunteer translators so that the conversation can be understood on a more personal level. Our product can absolutely grow with technology as remote communication is becoming a norm, but it can still provide more job openings such as interpreting or care giving in the local area.


The figure below shows the 3 options of specialists the Health Connect app for the user to choose from: Doctor, Optometrist, Dentist Alt text

Once a category is selected, the user is taken to a menu that allows the user to choose if they want to search for a doctor by name, insurance, or distance Preferred Method

This then takes the user to a Health connect profile of the corresponding doctor. It includes the time it takes for the doctor to respond, how far the office is located from the user, their specialty, Doc Profile

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Daniel Cabriales - App Developer Yanneliz Nava - Presentation Khoa Nguyen - Design

Built With

  • powerapps
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