HopHacks Submission

-Entering for Atana, redHat, & payPal!


Incorporating our technology (we are Computer Science students after all) into our health and exercise habits!

What it does

-Boost self-confidence -Provide fitness and health knowledge -Advise specific workouts to do -Cardio -Abs -Upper Body -Lower Body -Strive to improve achievement drive -Spread optimism

How we built it

  1. Researching Amazon Web Services and Alexa Skill Developer
  2. Test Driven Development: Using the Alexa Skill developer creating commands: a) Exercise Options: cardio, upper body, lower body, abs b) Motivation c) Health Facts
  3. Connect AWS Lambda code (.js) to the Skill Developer
  4. Test!

Challenges we ran into

-To display the user’s health data based on exercise, food intake, and medicine. provide this data using graphs -To program a unique and special curated music playlist geared toward health and fitness, different from the one Alexa can already do

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our alexa skill exists!!!

What we learned

So much!...We were challenged to figure out JavaScript, Alexa Skill Developer, and AWS Lambda.

What's next for Health Coach

We plan to have Health Coach track habits from the Apple Health device in order to have the skill communicate necessary activities.

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