Health Challenge is a game about both making healthy choices and doing healthy activities.  There are basically two parts to the game.  The first part is making healthy eating choices.  You are limited to eating 2,000 calories per day and you get to chose what you eat.  Each food has a number of calories which is taken from the USDA Nutrition Dataset, and several other statistics that would affect the player's performance in the game if they were fully implemented. 

The Second part is a fun activity.  Currently there is only one activity, but the idea is to have multiple activities.  The activity is a skateboard race.  The way the race is played is by using an xbox 360 dance pad.  The player hits the right button followed by the x button and this speeds up the skateboard.  This button combination resembles the motion of speeding up skateboard where the player plants their foot and then pushes back.

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