I never really thought I would be an engineering major. Now you're probably thinking why I'm in engineering. Well, I will tell you that discipline is key. I strive so hard to get here. After long office hours, hitting the books late at night, and a lot of practice, I was able to make up for a lack of talent in mathematics. I am still not the best but I am not going to give up. As I start my second year as an engineering student, I would like to take this opportunities to thank the hardships and adversities in my life because they trained me to be strong and also give thanks to those who are supporting me through this process. I wanna end this with this quote because it is one of my philosophies "Take your passion and make it happen." I am an engineer and I will make this happen.

I am dedicated in my studies and I am very eager to finish college. I took out loans and is currently working two jobs that will support me in furthering my education but both are not enough. I believe that I can make a difference in the world and contribute back to society.

We want to open the application for all students, like me, to a great opportunity. As many of you know, part of your career will be dependent on experience. The more experience you get, the more chances you land a job. I really hope this helps students like me.


I am very familiar with Telerik and I learned how to manipulate the platform. I had troubles with coding in swift so I had to find another way to make an application without using Xcode. Gladly, everything worked out in the end.

Further and Future

I want my application to help volunteer students get easy access to the application at my current workplace. I also want to build more apps to help students get information and internships easier. I am really eager to help.

Contact Information

To access my resume and credentials please go to: LinkedIn account:

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