What it does

Health Card is an application built on top of blockchain technology that provides means of creating an electronic health card that can be trusted. System currently supports 2 roles. Patients can create their own card which acts as a ledger of various medical records and at the same time as an access log. Doctors can be granted access to the patient's card and create new records. System allows doctors to view any card in case of an emergency. Each operation on the card is logged within the blockchain and is visible to the card owner. The system ensures that crucial medical data such as prescribed drugs, undergone medical procedures or medical conditions are available when they are most needed and thanks to blockchain they can be trusted to be correct.

How we built it

To complement blockchain distributed nature we diverged from the initial traditional backend server concept and decided to try out serverless architecture with Firebase and cloud functions. Blockchain logic is built on top of Hyperledger fabric. Medical data can not be due to legal reasons stored within the blockchain so instead it contains references to data holders (e.g. hospitals) and their checksums. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to fully finish the app due to complicated design process.

Challenges we ran into

Each country uses different legislation when it comes to just about anything, health included. Applications like these has to be either fine tuned to specific legislation or can not contain all that is necessary. We tried to think about it on a world wide scale, because patients are at risk of being wrongly treated or treated late when they are abroad, where doctors do not have immediate access to their health data. This proved to be a huge challenge from the design standpoint. From the technical point of view, most of our team used technologies they were unfamiliar with, especially the blockchain itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functional blockchain implementation (unfortunately it is not yet integrated into the system)

What we learned

  • blockchain (duh)
  • better understanding of all the technologies that we used

What's next for Health Card

  • connect application with the blockchain
  • polish the design, add new roles into the system such as professional athlete, legal guardian, hospital etc.
  • concept can be tested on system regarding pets (patient=pet, doctor=veterinarian, legal guardian=pet owner)
  • connect the system with various APIs such as RxNav API, which is an API for drugs and medication. It can be used to check doctor's prescriptions whether new medication does not interfere with current medications in a dangerous way.
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