i feel peoples life should save . people keep on dying from breast cancer so i want to save everyone from this deadly disease.

What it does

it helps to detect breast cancer by monitoring its basic symptoms . it helps in monitoring breast temperature ,thermography scanning of breast to identify modification in shape and size and also help to find oxygen level inside body. as people with symptoms are unable to breathe ,

How I built it

its just an idea but is a integration of various sensors to built a prototype.

Challenges I ran into

design , architecture, thinking , analysis , research

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

a unique device to detect breast cancer at home by analysis and symptoms among patients to avoid high risk .

What I learned

a technology and a brain can conquer every hurdle and challenge easily

What's next for Health CAN

i want funding and collaborations to develop this with a brand so that we can save the people around the globe from breast cancer.

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