Team Number and Name: • Team 12 – Silicon Cheetahs

Description of Project: • Health Bucks is a web application that helps parents encourage healthy behavior to their kids by rewarding them “Health Bucks” for each healthy activity performed (i.e. eat vegetables, run, do laundry, etc.). • Parents can select each healthy activity completed and reward their kid with “Health Bucks”. • Kids can work towards different goals to unlock certain rewards (i.e. more playing time for their favorite game or new Nike shoes). • By default, 1 buck is the equivalent to 1-minute playing time for a game of choice or $1 dollar to spend on selected items. • In our prototype, we will show kids working towards earning Health Bucks used for more playing time for MINECRAFT. • Within MINECRAFT, kids will be able to see their total playing time they have left and will be automatically logged out (progress saved!) once time is up.

List of additional features you would add if given more time • Daily / weekly progress dashboard for kids • Badges for kids (i.e. 5 day streaks get a badge; 5 badges = bonus bucks) • Search function for parents to search for specific activity. • Customized list of activities – parents can add behaviors / change the number of bucks allotted. • Kids can compete with their friends – “Leaderboard” with how many total points they have / have redeemed.

Description of the target audience • Parents who want to encourage healthy behavior amongst their kids (ages 5-12).

How each team member contributed • We used the first day with a general brainstorm session on how to encourage healthy behavior. • After voting agreeing on a specific way we discussed how each could contribute depending on their skills. • We used pair programming to work on each section: o Front End: - Joy and Jahnel o Back End: – Kim and Daniel o Java: – Megan and Yash • On the second day, we all worked on our respective sections. Throughout the day we re-grouped to make sure everyone was on the same page as to how the overall web application would flow.

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