During these difficult times we want to create a assistant which takes care of people in early stages thus lessening the burden on our Medical Staff.

What it does

Aivo helps us in telling all kinds of details about Covid-19 and also tells us some precautionary tips for several other diseases. It helps in scheduling appointments for doctors as well.(This feature is currently limited)

How we built it

We built it using the data sets from Github and then using them in Dialogdflow using Javascript and JSON. All of this is hosted and maintained through GCP(Google Cloud Platform).

Later we trained the bot with lot of Intents,Entites and responses to give accurate answers. After confirming the bot is running, we started to work on Frontend part. We used HTML,CSS,JS and VantaJS to make a website and then integrated our Aivo to website.

Currently, Aivo works seamlessly in our site,slack. It is available for select users as it is under review for Google Assistant,messenger,twitter.

You can ask questions related to Covid like-

Is virus airborne?
animals with covid
What can I use to clean and disinfect corona virus?
Does liquor work to sanitize
can you catch covid again
rules of social distancing
who needs covid test
how often should I wash my hands
Can someone test positive for COVID after a negative test?
COVID-19 antibodies
How can I be a volunteer in this?
What should people at higher risk of serious illness with COVID-19 do?
What should I do if someone in my house gets sick with COVID-19?
How long is the incubation period for COVID-19?

Also some other questions like

I am having stomachache
I am throwing up
My nose is running off

Challenges we ran into

We really struggled with handling Datasets in Google Cloud. we ran back and checked the documentation and brushed up little JS skills and started to integrate with GCP and we finally did!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud about the integrations with different platforms like Messenger,Twitter,Website,Slack,GOOGLE ASSISTANT and Telegram. This makes users to interact seamlessly.

What we learned

We learned a lot about GCP. It's tools helped us greatly in making this project in short time.

What's next for Aivo-Health Bot

Next step is to make this more lively and integrate with lot of doctors and make it full stack usable app.

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