Most of the patients stuck in a hospital have no idea of what the numbers around them mean. Therefore, we wanted to create a system that would allow the patients access to simple and comprehensible information about their health status.

The interface was built to give them access to many other small things like a list of medicine they are prescribed for their next meal, an option to be able to request a customized meal from a list of given options, be shown heir discharge date if it has been decided, as well as have access to a list of visitors that came by when the patient was resting. The interface also has a call for help button which in theory is to alert the administration of the hospital that the patient is in need o help. This would remove the requirement of someone watching over the patient at all times and could allow them a little more privacy.

Another part of the module is for the administrators to be able to edit the options available to the patient, as well as access information such as meal choices submitted by them.

Challenges faced

The biggest challenge for us was to get the project done within time as we had come up with the idea late. It was also a fair amount of challenge to make a program with databases that needed to be accessed from different perspectives and used for specific purposes in each.

Scope of the project

We feel that this is an idea that can be implemented in major hospitals for building a better relationship with their patients using choice based meals, transparency about medicines etc. Patients should also be able to have one private time as they do not need someone to be watching them all the time as a "call for help" button is implemented in the system. The interface could definitely be improved if done in a different language and could be a lot more appealing and more options like basic information about the medicines, and other systems connected to the patient can be added.

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