Managing complex chronic disease schedules is difficult. Health Align enables doctors to suggest a healthcare timeline to patients to manage their appointments. The user sets their preferences to simplify the appointment booking process, allowing them to schedule back-to-back appointments for different conditions or coordinating a visit with multiple doctors. Our demo shows an example of how Health Align works for an individual with a high-risk pregnancy.

In addition to providing information about what to expect at future visits and streamlining booking, Health Align also connects with Amazon Echo to provide an accessible voice interface. Appointments booked with the Echo show up on the web app.

The experience isn't just confined to the home - Health Align is there with the patient during in-patient hospital visits as well. Downtime spent in a hospital bed can be used to get information on upcoming lab procedures and scans. Calling a nurse or family member is also possible through voice commands to the Echo.

Our solution is attractive to employers and payers who are invested in patient schedule compliance. We suggest a price point of $5 per month per patient. Targeted advertisements within Health Align are also possible due to the predictive nature of the healthcare timelines.

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